Contra Callers November 2017
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Re: [Callers] Festival Applications
2 years, 4 months

Calling a Halloween dance tonight? Try this circle mixer...
by Amy Cann via Callers
2 years, 11 months

A new(?) dance, written with a gyre
by Luke Donforth via Callers
4 years, 5 months

"pick her up"
by Ron Blechner
4 years, 10 months

Cheat Sheet of Dance Move Substitutions?
by Angela DeCarlis
4 years, 10 months

Two Dances: A New One and a Might Be New One
by Erik Hoffman
4 years, 10 months

Balancing LEFT in a wave?
by Maia McCormick
4 years, 10 months

Put Your Red Hand In
by Rich Sbardella
4 years, 10 months

Balancing left in a wave
by Andrea Nettleton
4 years, 10 months

Fwd: Balancing LEFT in a wave?
by Alan Winston
4 years, 10 months
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