Contra Callers October 2010
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Re: [Callers] Festival Applications
1 year, 5 months

Recruiting new dancers
by Luke Donev
10 years

Caller's Companion on the iPad
by Will Loving
11 years

Re: [Callers] Waltz Mixers
by Sue Robishaw
11 years

Re: [Callers] waltz mixers
by Tina Fields
11 years

waltz mixers?
by Chrissy Fowler
11 years

Re: [Callers] Gate
by John Sweeney
11 years

Kinematic Vorticity
by Walter
11 years

Name of a dance.
by Tom Hinds
11 years

Squares in Belmont - should we open it up?
by Amy Cann
11 years
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