[Callers] Partial circulate the wave?

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Fri May 18 07:27:55 PDT 2018

On Thu, May 17, 2018, Jack Mitchell via Callers wrote:
> What would you call a circulate like this?  Would it be a partial
> circulate?  Or, in the interest of not adding any more terminology, since
> only half of the people are going to end up in a wave after each one, would
> it be better to just say "ladies take 4 steps forward to a long wave of
> ladies, gents face in", etc?
> *A1*    Balance Wave
>         Circulate (Gents Loop, ladies take 4 steps forward) to a long wave
> of ladies
>          Balance Wave of Ladies
>          Circulate (ladies walk forward and face in, gents take 4 steps
> forward) to a long wave of gents
> *A2*    Balance Wave of Gents
>               Gents step forward ??? N Sw

Not picturing the starting formation, so it's a bit difficult for me to
figure out what you want, but it's certainly the case that MWSD (Modern
Western Square Dancing) allows partial circulates (e.g. "Box Circulate
1 1/2" -- which typically produces exactly the formation you're
describing).  If your starting formation is long waves BGBG up/down the
hall, thinking of each group of four as a box gives you the typical MWSD
starting formation for "Box Circulate 1 1/2".

I also note that MWSD has no direct equivalent to your circulate from the
wave of ladies ("promenade" could be used because it requires a face in
afterward, but it's a rarely-used gimmick) -- I would normally use two
calls to achieve the effect you want ("diamond circulate and ladies face

Dunno how best to describe this using contra terminology.
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