[Callers] Partial circulate the wave?

Jack Mitchell jmitchell.nc at gmail.com
Thu May 17 11:09:18 PDT 2018

What would you call a circulate like this?  Would it be a partial
circulate?  Or, in the interest of not adding any more terminology, since
only half of the people are going to end up in a wave after each one, would
it be better to just say "ladies take 4 steps forward to a long wave of
ladies, gents face in", etc?

*A1*    Balance Wave
        Circulate (Gents Loop, ladies take 4 steps forward) to a long wave
of ladies
         Balance Wave of Ladies
         Circulate (ladies walk forward and face in, gents take 4 steps
forward) to a long wave of gents

*A2*    Balance Wave of Gents
              Gents step forward – N Sw
Jack Mitchell
Durham, NC
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