[Callers] Dolphin Heys in contra dances

John Sweeney via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Tue Jun 14 03:53:08 PDT 2016

When I teach a Dolphin hey with lots of people who don't know the concept I
get the active couple to link together (leader lets hands trail  behind
back, trailer hooks on) and dance a hey for three without the active couple
trading places (this is also known as a Shetland Reel).  Once they
understand the basic track I explain about the active couple trading places.
One of the keys to success it to persuade the leader to go wide at the end
of the line, in order  to give the trailer plenty of room to take the lead.

Just Skylarking by Rhodri Davies is a contra dance with a Dolphin Reel.
Since it is visible at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iKdR6B7hnw I assume
he won't mind if I post it here.

Just Skylarking (by Rhodri Davies)
Contra; Improper

A1:	(Balance the Circle; Petronella Turn) x 2
A2:	Neighbour Balance & Swing - end facing down
B1:	Lines of Four Down The Hall (4); Dixie Twirl
	Lines of Four Up the Hall - finish facing #2 Lady
B2:	Dolphin Hey - finish with #1s looking down the hall for a new
couple, #2s looking up the hall

Dixie Twirl: #1s (in middle) Arch, #2 Lady leads the line through the arch
while #2 Man leads to the other end - no letting go

Dolphin Hey: #1 couple (in the middle) act as a single unit, but switch
leader at each end of the Hey

Happy dancing,

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http://www.contrafusion.co.uk for Dancing in Kent

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