[Organizers] Problem with nondancing attender

David Kirchner via Organizers organizers at lists.sharedweight.net
Tue Oct 20 08:59:50 PDT 2015

Hi all,

We are struggling with the best approach to deal with a community member
who attends many of our dance events but does not dance (or pay). This
person appears to have some mental illness challenges. He frequently has a
small child with him. He has occasionally been disruptive in a minor way
(or the child has been), and he has been escorted out a couple of times for
that reason. He often simply hangs out in the building while the dance is
going on, often in nondancing space. He is not easy to talk with. Reactions
on how to deal with this person have varied across the different dance
communities that use our space and different volunteers within those
communities. We are trying to put together a common approach. Thoughts?

St. Paul, MN
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