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Harking back to a prior thread - there's different dizziness quotients for
different moves. I ran an experiment with dancers where we did 64 beats+ of
Mad Robin CW - no reported dizziness.

In my experience, the tighter the radius, the higher the perceived
dizziness. Think of it as RPB (rotations per beat). Facing direction also
impacts perception (can you look at a fixed (relative) point?).

So on a scale, a swing could be a 1.0, a Walkaround/G*p*y Right say a 0.8,
Allemande Right = 0.6?, Left shoulder center start Hey = 0.2?. Circles more
dizzy than Stars?, etc.

Bottom line, in my experience, a simple CW beat count is a useful first
level check but doesn't necessarily represent the dance's true perceived
"dizzy dancer" impact.


BTW Michael (from the parallel Trad Dance Callers thread): I have Fun Dance
for Marjorie as being by Bob Golder, collected from the author himself. :)

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 12:39 AM, Ron Blechner via Callers <
callers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:

> Unfortunately, I count a whole lot of clockwise rotation.
> In beats:
> A1: 12 all, assuming people spin on the Petronella
> A2: 4 for Gents
> B1. 16
> B2. 16, with ladies getting an extra rotation.
> So, that's 44 beats of clockwise rotation (the "noticeably dizzy mark" for
> me is 40) and gents get 48 beats.
> Sorry. :(
> Ron Blechner
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