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Unfortunately, I count a whole lot of clockwise rotation.
In beats:
A1: 12 all, assuming people spin on the Petronella
A2: 4 for Gents
B1. 16
B2. 16, with ladies getting an extra rotation.

So, that's 44 beats of clockwise rotation (the "noticeably dizzy mark" for
me is 40) and gents get 48 beats.

Sorry. :(

Ron Blechner

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> I saw a dance I liked on a mail list and tried it. However, there was one
> move
> I wanted to change. In trying to change that move I found that I had
> completely changed the whole dance!
> It works in my living room. Does it work for you? What else is similar?
> Longways improper
> A1      Balance the ring, Petronella; partner swing
> A2      Men pull by left and courtesy turn with neighbor; men gypsy left
> B1      Neighbor gypsy right; neighbor swing
> B2      Circle left 3 place, partner roll away; men lead partner along the
> set into
> circle left 3 places with next couple
> NB: The beginning of A2 is the mirror image of a ladies chain - men pull by
> left, courtesy turn with partner, men moving forward and ladies backward.
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