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Gosh, if only I had time and place to call all the whacky advanced dances
in my deck! Look forward to seeing what comes up here!

Some of my dances that I'll take this opportunity to plug:
Happy Jew Queer <http://contra.maiamccormick.com/dances.html#happyjewqueer>
(double shadow dance, includes a smooth promenade > circle R > rollaway
Too Many Joshes <http://contra.maiamccormick.com/dances.html#toomanyjoshes>
(gents LH chain and gents RH chain)
Gimmie the Good Stuff
<http://contra.maiamccormick.com/dances.html#goodstuff> (leave partner and
magically find your way back)

And some by others that I adore and wish I had more opportunities to call
(I'm restraining myself from posting too too many...):
Apogee <http://chrispagecontra.awardspace.us/dances/#apogee> by Chris Page
(ladies chain > allemande/orbit, gents chain > allemande/orbit)
Du Quoin Races
by Orace Johnson (box circulate, smooth circle > rollaway figures)
(see below) *If I Was Dead and It Wouldn't Go to Waste* by Rachel Fifer
(star prom, leave your partner, ricochet hey... everything but the kitchen
(see below) *Scooter* by Tom Hinds (ladies chain while gents scoot R and
courtesy turn someone else)
(see below) *Wonderland* by Al Olson (#1 lady / #2 gent turn contracorners
so everyone gets a P b&s at the end)


*If I Was Dead and It Wouldn’t Go to Waste* by Rachel Fifer || becket right
A1: (R diag.) gents alle. L 1/2 (and ladies scoot R), pick up N and star
prom acr. (NO WHIRL)
ladies chain (to P)
A2: turn away from P to bal. ring, gents roll shad. to other lady’s place
(gents don’t move -- rollaway WITHOUT SASHAY)
bal. ring & spin R
B1: P gypsy (4)
ladies to center & ricochet (4)
gents start half hey (GL, NR, LL)
B2: P b&s
Notes - in B1 ricochet, ladies enter from L and exit on R so gents can pass

*Scooter* by Tom Hinds || becket left (expert)
A1: long lines
ladies chain acr., gents scoot R and courtesy turn a new N*
A2: ladies gypsy R 1x (straight acr., NOT lady w/ your P)
N swing (from courtesy turn)
B1: w/ same couple acr., circle L 3/4 and pass thru. along set
P do-si-do
B2: P b&s
* on ends, gents scoot around to other side of set
** opp.-role person in this couple is your shadow, pass thru. by them

*Wonderland* by Al Olson || improper (expert)
A1: 1s 1/2 figure 8 thru 2s
long lines
A2: #1 lady + #2 gent turn contracorners
B1: P b&s
B2: R/L thru acr.
ladies chain (to N)
During figure 8, all shift a biiiit to L diag. so #1 lady/#2 gent ready for
contracorners. 2nd corner = shadow.

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 8:49 PM, Richard Green via Callers <
callers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:

> Hello fellow callers!
> I am preparing a very short program of advanced or challenging contras
> which I will be leading at the Down East Festival next week.  This will be
> one of many festival offerings during the weekend of March 24-25.  I have
> done a challenging session at several past festivals and have a small
> collection of dances that I think are both moderately challenging and fun
> to dance.  (I also have a few that I will never call again!)  I have not
> added to my list for quite a while and would appreciate any suggestions
> that any of you would be kind enough to share.  I will not be doing any
> other formations than duple or becket dances, although I understand that
> there are many other fun formations.
> If you could include the complete choreography and any teaching or other
> tips that would be very helpful.  I always credit the dance authors, so
> please include that information as well.
> Thanks so much!  This list is a great resource to have.
> Richard Green
> Wayne, Maine
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