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Wed Mar 15 17:49:10 PDT 2017

Hello fellow callers!


I am preparing a very short program of advanced or challenging contras which
I will be leading at the Down East Festival next week.  This will be one of
many festival offerings during the weekend of March 24-25.  I have done a
challenging session at several past festivals and have a small collection of
dances that I think are both moderately challenging and fun to dance.  (I
also have a few that I will never call again!)  I have not added to my list
for quite a while and would appreciate any suggestions that any of you would
be kind enough to share.  I will not be doing any other formations than
duple or becket dances, although I understand that there are many other fun


If you could include the complete choreography and any teaching or other
tips that would be very helpful.  I always credit the dance authors, so
please include that information as well.


Thanks so much!  This list is a great resource to have.


Richard Green

Wayne, Maine

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