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> So...what happens if all of the attempts to shepherd and coach and "angel"
> the difficult dancer do not work and their skills and abilities continue to
> be a significant negative impact when they're dancing.
> Would you ever (or have you ever) asked someone not to return based on
> their inability to dance?
> I realize "inability" is a broad term and I intended it to be so for this
> question. There are lots of reasons why someone may not be able to know
> what to do and/or to be able to keep up when dancing and may not even be
> able to improve.
> Is there some point at which you as organizers would consider and
> ultimately such a decision?

Here in the SF Bay Area, I know of one dancer who's no longer welcome back
at their local dance because of mobility issues related to aging, and
another who's no longer welcome back because of general behavioral issues
related to Alzheimer's.

As far as I know, these dancers have simply been informed that their
impairments preclude them from dancing with us. (This is different from
being banned for bad behavior - they can still come but would be
discouraged from dancing. By whom, I do not know.) I wasn't involved with
the discussions that led to these decisions, so unfortunately I can't
provide more background, but perhaps other people lurking on this list may
be able to shed more light.

However, we have increased our attention on dancer safety in general, and
it's worth thinking about whether someone's inability to dance actually
affects how safe it is on the floor for them and others around them.

Yoyo Zhou
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