[Callers] Fwd: Does This Sequence Exist?

Alan Winston via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Tue Jul 18 13:57:18 PDT 2017

On 7/18/17 1:46 PM, Joy Greenwolfe via Callers wrote:
> Sorry if this has already been pointed out.
> The advantage of circling right before the Neighbor swing in this 
> dance is that the Ladies lead in the circle in front of the person 
> they will be swinging, which is always a smoother transition than the 
> Gents leading a circle into a swing.
I agree that lady leads in a circle left is super smooth - no fiddling 
with hands required, just fold in and continue CW momentum into the swing.

Gent leads in circle left is a hand change and I've felt it as being 
very awkward.  (Spent a whole dance with one of those where partner and 
I experimented on how to get it smooth; best two solutions were keeping 
hold of the same hand, joining the other hand,and doing a crossed-hand 
swing or changing gender roles with partner each time so you could keep 
the same hand.)

When gent leads in circle right you don't have to change hands, but when 
lady leads you do.

-- Alan

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