[Callers] 4 couple set Chorus Jig

Don Veino via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Mon Jul 17 21:03:20 PDT 2017

The action depends on 4 couples for the progression. As the action
alternates the two couples on each end swap every other cycle via the cast
off, but those dyads stay segregated - there is no "move up" or similar to
mix further numbers of couples from the middle of the line into the A parts
active position. As written, 4 (alternating) times through the dance will
make every couple "active" once.

I view this dance as a handy alternative to running a square for those
times when you'd be stuck for something else.


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> Need it be limited to 4 couples? Would an arbitrarily long line work?
> \Bob
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