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Thu Jul 20 14:26:33 PDT 2017

Well inspired by this four-couple version I just wrote a Sicilian Circle variation on Chorus Jig and gave it a tentative title. Comments welcome. Did we ever discover who composed the four-couple version?

Chorus Reel    Sicilian Circle    Richard Allen Fischer

Formation: Duple Improper Circle. Ones facing CCW, Twos facing CW. Dance begins with Ones joining near hands while Twos stand normal distance apart.

A1)  Everyone walks forward, Ones passing between Twos, two steps per pass, passing Neighbors 1, 2, 3, & 4; Swing Neighbor 5. End swing facing across to Partner

A2)  In current group of four, Ladies dosido, Gents dosido

B1)  All turn modified contra corners. Allemande R with Partner 3/4, allemande Same-Sex Neighbor (one you dosido'd) L 1x, allemande Partner by R 1/2, allemande new Same-Sex Neighbor by L 1x.

B2)  All balance and swing Partner. End facing in line of direction, Ones with near hands joined, Twos separating a bit from partner.


Richard Fischer
Princeton, NJ

> On Jul 16, 2017, at 8:37 PM, Yoyo Zhou via Callers <callers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
> Hi callers,
> I've been looking for a funky dance, a variation on Chorus Jig for 4 couples, alternating, everybody turns contra corners. Does anyone know who to thank for it?
> (I remember dancing it at one of the Monte Toyon camps (Spring Fever or Queer Contra Camp) but I can't remember which! For bonus points, I'd love to figure out whom I learned it from.)
> The dance goes like this:
> A1: top couple down the outside and back
> B1: top couple down the middle and back, cast off with 2s
> C: all turn contra corners in the middle
>     (All turn partner right 3/4, 1st corner left 1, parter right 1/2, 2nd corner left 1.
>      It looks like a wave of 8 down the middle.)
> B2: all balance and swing partner; end swing facing up (?)
> (? = Do you alternate facing up/down?)
> Then, every other time, alternate: the bottom couple goes up the set and casts off with the 3s. So the 1s and 2s just change places with each other, and the 3s and 4s change places with each other, and everyone has a turn.
> Thanks,
> Yoyo Zhou
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