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Is this it????
Mange TalkBy Ron BuchananFormation: Contra, duple improper 
A1- Give left hand to neighbor: balance andswing A2- Pass through to an ocean wave (seenote), balanceAllemande right neighbor halfway,gents allemande left halfway,allemande right partner¾ B1- Turn shadow by the left and swing yourpartner B2- Pass through to an ocean wave, balanceAllemande right partner halfway, gentsallemande left halfway, allemanderight neighbor¾ to a new neighborThe title is Danish for “Many Thanks.” 

To passthrough to an ocean wave: start to pass opposite bythe right shoulder, ladies catch left hands and turnjust¼ as gents walk all the way to the other side andtake right hands with the lady to form a wavy line-of-4 across. 
 Laurie P West MI 

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 Ron Buchanan this one at Contracopia, and it was a lot of fun!
???, by ??? (becket)A1: pass the ocean and balancepartner R 1/2, gents L 1/2, balanceA2: neighbor R 3/4, new neighbor swingB1: pass the ocean and balanceneighbor R 1/2, gents L 1/2, balanceB2: partner swing
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