[Callers] A contact for a fiddler in Modesto trying to meet the musical community

K Panton panton90 at tricolour.queensu.ca
Wed May 16 11:56:02 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I'm not a member of the musicians list and I may have success here, hence
this post.

A client informed me that his 20-something daughter - fiddler since 5 - had
moved to Modesto, CA a year ago and not yet linked in with a community of
musicians. She has apparently sat in with the Old Sod Band here in Ottawa
at some point for a dance. I've not met her.

At this point, having recently started a new job, she may not be actively
seeking musical contacts. Nonetheless, if anyone can suggest a contact for
her - Bay area? Sacramento? Alvin, Yogi, Smoky in Yosemite? - which I can
pass along, I would be happy to do so.

Ken Panton
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