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I wrote this earlier this month, and got to give it a national debut at
Catapult Showcase 2017 last night during by set with Tempest (awesome!)

Pete's Dark Roast by Andy Shore May 2017
A1 -----------
(8) Men allemande Left 1.5x
(8) Neighbor swing
A2 -----------
(8) Promenade across = face partner across
(8) Mad Robin - Women passing in front
B1 -----------
(4,4) Partner RH Balance and Box the Gnat
(8) Right & left through - COURTESY TURN SOMEONE NEW*
B2 -----------
(8) Women Do-si-do 1.5x
(8) Partner swing
Notes: when out with partner - cross over and get in with the balance & box
the gnat
(or just wait to turn/be turned)

* note that courtesy turn is with your new neighbor
this is the progression

It looks simple but the surprise factor of the R&L thru can be challenging.
The fact that there are 2 courtesy turning actions both ending facing
partner (promenade & R&L thru) add to the difficulty.

Andy Shore
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