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Jim McKinney stringtet at charter.net
Tue Oct 4 19:33:52 PDT 2011

I'm a fiddle player and former COBOL programmer who maintains our band's website.

I did the first version using Frontpage but when something went wrong with the automated uploading of new pages, I decided to rewrite the whole thing in HTML I could understand.

That worked for a while but when I decided I wanted a new look for the site, I decided to buy a book and do it right. I got HTML with CSS and XHTML by Head First and decided to write it all according to the  HTML Strict standard. I used the W3C Markup Validator to make sure everything was right and the result is our current website


On Oct 4, 2011, at 3:35 PM, Andy Shore <square.a.shore at gmail.com> wrote:

> The adage that begins "be careful what you ask for..." just might
> apply in this situation, so first let me give a big thank you to Chris
> Weiler & Seth Seeger, who do such a wonderful job maintaining the
> SharedWeight web site and mailing lists, for stepping up and creating
> this new "web content" forum.
> They've asked that I help coordinate and oversee this new group since
> the idea was originally mine.  Of course I will, but I'm hoping that
> little oversight will be necessary. I also make no claims of
> ownership, other than to help get/keep the ball rolling.
> My original thinking (see original email below) was about a forum for
> content creators and managers, with discussion being mostly about form
> and function, usability, and, for lack a better word, "freshness".
> However, some of the initial responses also indicate a desire to talk
> about tools as well, including layout and editing, online
> registration, payment, and survey packages,  web hosting and CMS
> systems.   All those topics and more are welcome.
> I'm hoping this forum will be welcoming and useful to anyone who
> creates, manages, designs, or is simply interested in the "cyber" side
> of contra dance, including dance series or festival web sites,
> facebook groups, meetup groups, YouTube video creators & sharers,
> podcasters, etc. Callers, choreographers, sound engineers, and
> musicians/bands with a web presence are also welcome, of course.
> I'd like to encourage all participants to share ideas, give links to
> sites or pages we are working on, and ask for and provide constructive
> feedback. One goal is to help each other make our online presence as
> useful, vibrant, current, informative, accessible, and welcoming as
> possible.
> I'm well aware that the best way to get someone new to try contra
> dancing is to take them to a dance!, but some people want to be more
> informed and prepared before they (are convinced to) go, while others
> may find a dance web site, video or event invite through serendipitous
> web surfing, and the right kind of information and presentation may be
> all they need to give dancing a try.
> Since we are a diverse and distributed community, I'd like to suggest
> that we all sign our postings with real names and locations. Also, if
> you are so inclined, I encourage each participant to post a short
> intro/bio about yourself as it might pertain to this forum (e.g., if
> you maintain a web site, are on the web committee of some dance group,
> etc.).  Also, please feel free to spread the word about this group to
> other people or forums where you think there would be interest!
> This message is now far too long. I'll post my own bio in a separate thread.
> Looking forward to wherever this group leads.
> Andy Shore
> Ft Lauderdale FL
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> From: Andy Shore <square.a.shore at gmail.com>
> Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 1:44 PM
> Subject: contra dance webmasters unite! (?)
> To: callers at sharedweight.net
> I've been wondering if there would be enough interest (and traffic) to
> form an email list for contra dance website webmasters and other
> content creators (e.g., people posting videos to youtube) and people
> maintaining contra dance related "pages" on Facebook to discuss some
> of the issues and ideas and share links, etc.
> I created the website http://southfloridacontradance.com/  and I'm
> always looking for good videos to share (see the "Announcements" page)
> and links about contra dancing (see the "What is Contra Dance?" and
> "Dance Links" pages).  I also help maintain the "South Florida
> Contradance" page on Facebook.
> In particular, I think that finding, generating, and sharing fresh
> content is the kind of thing that will keep our web sites looking
> current and vibrant and will spark interest. I also think it's
> important to design for both the current dancer (when and where is
> tonight's dance or next month's festival?) and be informative and
> welcoming to the uninitiated.  Sharing relevant, high quality links
> will also help make sure that search results yield the best
> information about our beloved activity.
> As for folks posting to YouTube... as a caller, I often want to know
> the name and author of the dance being done!
> Respond to this thread and if there's enough interest, perhaps we can
> convince the kind folks who run SharedWeight.net to start a new
> mailing list for this.
> Let me know what you think!
> /Andy Shore
> http://andyshore.com/
> http://facebook.com/AndyShore.Caller << like me on Facebook!
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