[WebContent] links four - pass it down! a personal introduction

Bill Baritompa staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Oct 4 18:52:00 PDT 2011

Hi Andy,

        I've been on callers at sw for a few years now, and it's a valuable
resource. It has enabled me to get contra dancing going here in Christchurch,
New Zealand. So I'm looking forward to webcontent at sw.

      Before I retired from the university here, I was involved in a
project to promote maths, and the technicians  at work helped me set up a web
site for that. The web pages I now maintain are primarily for information about
our local activities. They are all variations of that first site set up for me, 
I just
  change the necessary html.


      They are all hosted by startlogic (in fact are all subdomains of
the original site).

      I'm on the look out for good videos that get the basic skills across,
i.e. giving weight, swinging, smooth transitions, etc.

      We are pretty isolated from the rest of the contra world. I'd love to use 
sometime to have a 'joint' dance with some people in the US.

Cheers, Bill

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