[Organizers] Lower attendance at dances

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Wed Dec 7 14:50:30 PST 2016

I attend and (help) organize a few dances in Eastern NH. I also call
dances in NH. After a couple of years of strong support, I have been
noticing a decline in attendance since September. The small community
dance that I Organize/Call in Gilmanton NH, is holding it's own. I have
attributed the the fact that it is held on the 2nd Saturday (Columbus
Day, Veterans Day long Wknds) to seasonal decline that we go through....
This year, dancers seem logi, leave at the break... by 10pm there is a
small quorum left. (break out the triplets)
December - June is our busy season... If current attendance trends don't
pick up... It could prove devastating for smaller dances, (funding is:
take of the door!)
Could it be the graying of the dancers?.... retirement travel?...
constant (vigorous) modern dances?
 (Not so) welcoming to new dancers, I find that I have to present a
program that is accessible to newer dancers but, is not boring for the
experienced dancers....
Anyway thanks for the forum.
Gale Wood

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