[Organizers] "Notice of Nonrenewal" of group's general liability insurance

Alan Winston via Organizers organizers at lists.sharedweight.net
Thu Oct 1 11:40:30 PDT 2015

Investigate the National Folk Organization, which includes insurance as 
part of an inexpensive annual group membership.  I forget the carrier.

-- Alan

On 10/1/15 11:37 AM, Rob Lindauer via Organizers wrote:
> Hartford Community Dance's insurance carrier (Markel Insurance) just 
> notified us that they will not renew when our current policy expires 
> Dec 1.  Apparently their underwriting guidelines have changed, and we 
> no longer meet their guidelines.
> I'd appreciate suggestions on carriers.  I think CDSS offers access to 
> liability insurance; I'll be talking to them shortly. Are there other 
> carriers dance groups (probably I should stick to US groups) have used 
> with good experience?
> Thanks, Rob L

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