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I realize this post qualifies as both shameless self-promotion, as well as
possible improper use of this list for (somewhat) commercial purposes, but
I do think this topic may be of particular interest to contra and trad
callers and choreographers. Scold me if you must.

I'll be teaching a special weeklong workshop at CDSS American Dance and
Music Week at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA) August 8-15, 2017 titled "Modern
Western Square Dance for Contra Dancers".

This course is an intensive “blitz” exposure to Modern Western Square
Dancing (MWSD) for experienced contra dancers, traditional square dancers,
and contra or trad callers. If you enjoy learning new choreography and the
unexpected delights of no-walk-thru contra medleys, this is for you.
Starting with the 25 or so contra calls that are shared with Modern Western
squares, we will explore much of the CALLERLAB Basic, Mainstream, and Plus
lists. New calls will be taught and workshopped, but you’ll get plenty of
time to “just dance” and enjoy what you have already learned in both patter
and singing call contexts. The pace of the course will be determined by the
students’ ability to assimilate the material, but the goal will be that you
can dance most Mainstream calls smoothly at speed. We will cover several of
the more popular Plus calls as well. Expect to be challenged and have lots
of fun!

Modern Western uses recorded music of various genres; the patter music is
designed to get you moving at a continuous flow and the singing call music
allows for a change of pace. The class time will be divided into an all
morning workshop session where we will learn new figures, then a late
afternoon practice and review session. You will have the middle of the day
to relax or enjoy other workshops at American Week.

More details at the CDSS site:

This class may be of particular interest to contra and trad callers and
choreographers. Many MWSD moves have been "borrowed" into contra and
several contra choreographers who have had experience with MWSD have
written dances that have components inspired by MWSD moves. (Carol Ormand,
Bob Isaacs, and Chris Page to name a few.) Some of the moves that come from
MWSD are: box circulate, pass the ocean, square thru, star thru, California
twirl, hinge... If you'd like to stir your creative juices, or just learn a
bit more about some of the calls and their applications, this is a great
way to do so. Learning about the added rigor of MWSD may improve your own
teaching and presentation skills, as well as give you new insights into
contra and trad choreography.

Space in this class is limited. Registration is currently open.

my site: http://site.andyshore.com/

I taught a similar weekend workshop in Durham NC in 2011 with many contra &
trad callers in attendance.  Here is my "trip report" (on facebook) from
that weekend

Questions or comments - my best contact email is andyshore at gmail.com

/Andy Shore
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