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Ron and All:

I respectfully disagree.  As long as we swing in a clockwise direction, the swing/circle R transition will flow poorly for both roles, and should have no place in any contra dance -


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I dance the ladies role enough where I feel I can confidently assert that swing -> circle R is as difficult for gents as swing -> circle L is for ladies. Either way, one person is unfolding from the swing opposite from the rotation of the subsequent circle.

The bigger objection to flow is simply that it's a circle right that is from a standstill, and people don't dance many circle rights. (But we dance plenty circle lefts from a standstill.) In this case, I'm interested in the circle R as something to fill a second-half-of-evening slot where I often have need for dances that are fairly easy but not the same old circle lefts, swings, stars, chains, and allemandes.


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Hi Ron:

Two transitions in this dance I find troubling.  The R and L through/gents allemande is awkward for the gents, whose L hand is occupied in the courtesy turn of the R and L through.  This can be avoided by 1/2 hey (GL, PR, LL, NR), gents allemande L 1 1/2 (or allemande/hey if you prefer that order).

But swing/circle R?


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So, this is a cross between Jeff Spero's Kiss the Bride and Rick Mohr's Rockin' Robin:

Duple Imp.
A1. N DSD (6)
       NS (10)
A2. R+L Thru (8) (across)
       Gents Alle L 1.5x (8)
B1. P Meltdown Swing (16)*
B2. Circle R 1.25x (10)
       Zig R, Zag L (6) (to next Ns)

I was futzing with Kiss the Bride and this came out. I'd like to give credit if it's been written, or pick a name if not.

In dance,
Ron Blechner

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