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Hello all,

Lately, my choreography brain has been churning on community dances
(longways, circles, etc). I've got two new ones that I haven't gotten to
test out yet.

I'd be curious to hear folks thoughts on them; both the dance moves and how
to succinctly explain it to people not used to dancing (for instance, I use
the phrase cross trail in this write-up, which I wouldn't use at a
community dance)

Each of them have (what I think is) a new figure for the progression; and
then could be mixed with the staples of long lines, DSDs, etc.

I'm not even pretending to break this up into A's and B's; because they're
not that kind of dance ;-)

*Long Corners *
by Luke Donforth
longways set

top in left line trade with bottom in right line, giving a high five with
the left hand in the middle
then next trade and high five, and the next, until both lines have swapped
and you're across from partner again

the pair at the top of the line (was bottom couple) stays put and swings
each other around, while two lines do a cross trail at the top; giving your
partner a high five with your right when you pass

head of each cross-trailing line leads back down to bottom of their
original side of the set and stays there. Everyone else follows in their

long lines forward and back
DSD partner straight across

1 2 3 4 5 => 5 1 2 3 4

Here's a link to a series of photos, hopefully illustrating the beginning
(unmarked peg is the caller)

​*The Fountain*
by Luke Donforth
Longways sets​

​Top couple makes an arch and goes over the other two lines
The rest move up, and when the reach the top, they make an arch and go down
over​ the rest of the line

When the bottom couple reaches the top, the separate (peel the banana
style) and lead their line down the outside (no hands). Everyone except the
original top couple (now at the bottom) follows.

The couple at the bottom swings, and as other folks get back to line; they
can swing their partner.

Long lines forward and back
Allemande your partner
Other hand Allemande your partner

1 2 3 4 5 => 2 3 4 5 1

Pictures at:
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