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I came up with this one for a particular gig. Given the simplicity it was
probably already written - if so I'd like to give proper credit. Please let
me know.


Shortly before calling the Santa Fe NM dance last month I was informed that
a group of 20+ international students who’d never done contra were planning
on attending (turned out to be ~60% of the attendees at the start). In
planning my program I realized the existing mixers in my deck were either
too risky for those folks or too simple for the regulars. I wanted
something that would build on the sequence of moves introduced in my
teaching plan (which factored in language challenge) so I came up with the
following. It worked out well with that group.

Trip to Santa Fe – Circle Mixer – Don Veino 20170622

Into the Center and Back
Circle Left

Circle Right
Partner Dosido (and turn away from P)
[so Gents look CW, Ladies CCW]

Neighbor Balance and Swing

(new) Partner Promenade
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