[Callers] has this dance been written?

Jean Gibson-Gorrindo via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Sat Jul 8 15:06:31 PDT 2017

Hi All!  I am working on a dance to call for a special occasion.  It needs to be “play friendly” - that is, a dance where the figures facilitate partner swapping.  Figures I was given to work with are allemandes in the center (either gender role), heys, shadows, petronellas and LLFB next to your partner (not necessarily including all of those figures, of course).  I am wondering if this dance has already been written by someone else?  Also, those of you who like to play, would this dance work well?  Is it too weird to have the full hey cross the phrase?  Is it awkward to get into Long Lines from the Hey?  I am not sure I love the B1 part. Thanks for your feedback in advance!

Jean Gorrindo

(as yet untitled) - Becket

A1	(8) Ladies allemande R 1 1/2
	(8) Neighbor swing

A2	(8) Left diagonal chain to Shadow
	(8) Begin a full hey, Ladies passing R

B1	(8) Finish the hey
	(8) LLFB - on the way back Gent’s role Shadow away with a half-sashay to face Partner

B2	(16) Partner B&S - slide left to new Neighbors

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