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> I am not comfortable with the timing in Boomerang. Am I off or .. is there something I'm missing???  
> I've tried (with my imaginary friends) several theories but - always the timing isn't quite there.
> Laurie
> West MI


You don't say what part of the dance you're uncomfortable with, but
I'm going to guess that it's the B1 part.  The timing as given by
Gene Hubert in _Dizzy Dances, Volume II_ is:

    Pass thru ACROSS the set and turn alone(4).
    Circle left, go all the way around(8).
    Pass thru ALONG the set to meet your partner(4).

The timing is a bit unusual in that the circle crosses the middle
of the phrase, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
Dancers who aren't used to circling all the way around in 8 beats
can make up time on the pass thru (or pull thru) along and on the
forward part of the subsequent balance.  On the other hand, if the
dancers can easily circle once in 8 beats and if they think that 4
beats for pass thru along is a bit leisurely, they can try rearing
back at the end of the circle, or even add a spin during the pass

You can see a video of _Boomerang_ here:


(Thanks to Chris Page for supplying the title in a comment, so that
the video was easy to find.)  If you study the video, you'll see
many examples of dancers managing to meet their partners just in
time for the balance at the start of the B2 music--and also a few
examples of dancers being either early or late.  Beware that there
are a number of places where the video cuts to a different camera
angle and the new cut doesn't pick up at the same place in the tune
as the previous cut ended.

I hope some of this is helpful.


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