[Callers] Petronella spin, no chain or allemande?

James Saxe via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Wed Dec 16 00:18:54 PST 2015

Ron Blechner wrote (perhaps in reference to Erik Hoffman's
mention of Tom Thoreau's dance "Barbarella"):

> Anything with 4 Petronella spins doesn't really fit my programming style.

I can't help noticing that that description fits "Petronella"
itself.  Of course, there are many callers these days whose
programming styles exclude dances like "Petronella"--whence
the incongruity some have noted in saying "as in 'Petronella'"
to a room full of dances most of whom may not have danced 
"Petronella" even once.


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