[Callers] Petronella spin, no chain or allemande?

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Hi Erik and all, heh heh, I often chuckle at MYSELF when I find myself saying that same thing: "as in Petronella", when I realize very few of the dancers have ever danced Petronella.. BUT, after trying to teach the move with out saying the "P word", I realized that some of the dancers at least know what the move is and having a percentage of the dancers "doing the right thing" helps the others., especially those who learn by seeing as opposed to having something "explained"... (with rights and lefts in it ugh).. I've found saying: "balance the ring and move one place to the right while pivoting over your right shoulder" doesn't always get everyone doing the same thing (hah!), if it doesn't actually freeze some dancers in their tracks!!
Now I hear newer callers saying stuff like "balance the ring and Petronella to the right" or "balance left and Rory to the left". Making new verbs out of these proper names.. well, whatever works!!!
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> Bay Area Caller Tom Thoreau made up a dance that I've used lots at 
> beginner level dances:
> Barbarella
> Becket
> A1 Petronella Balance x 2
> A2 Petronella Balance x 2
> B1 Partner Balance & Swing
> B2 Right & Left through; Circle half, slide left to next couple
> And, it is dedicated to Jane Fonda...
> An aside (which I might have said before)
> I still find it funny when callers announce, "as in Petronella," or "as 
> in Rory O'More." I look around the room and see almost no one who has a 
> clue as to what Petronella or Rory O'More is. Sometimes even the caller 
> doesn't know--or barely knows... I recommend saying something like "a 
> move from a wonderful old dance called Petronella."
> ~erik hoffman
>      oakland, ca
> On 12/13/2015 7:33 PM, Bill Baritompa via Callers wrote:
> > Hi Ron,
> >
> > Great for total beginners, not sure of name or author:
> >
> > Easy Petronella        ?        improper
> > A1, A2    Circle Balance, petronella spin 4X
> > B1    Neighbor Dosido; Neighbor Swing
> > B2    LLFB,  1s Swing
> >
> > Cheers, Bill
> >
> >
> > On 14/12/2015 4:13 p.m., Ron Blechner via Callers wrote:
> >> Any suggestions for your favorite easy or intermediate Petronella 
> >> spin dance
> >> with no chain, no allemandes?
> >
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