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Here’s To Us - Duple Improper, Becket Formation (Clock-wise Progression)

A-1	Ladies Pass R. then dance around Neighbor - passing L. with Him (into the other Lady’s place), Long Lines Dance Forward and Back

A-2	Gents Pass R. then dance around Partner - passing L. with Her, Gent’s Pass R. again and Balance Neighbor

B-1 Swing Neighbor (short swing), Half R. & L. Thru

B-2	Gents Pass Thru while Ladies Alle. L. 1x, Swing Partners (and Slide Left to Progress…)

Notes: Relative to Half Hey and Teaching of the Full Hey, I wrote this dance some years ago…don’t have the note on a specific date…just to isolate the movement across and and around another dancer.
It’s based on the notion that most Full Heys begin with the Ladies passing Right shoulder. Of course it’s a beginners dance mostly. The last figure, prior to Swing Partner, begins just as with Pass Thru but the Ladies catch hands and “turn back”. All end swinging on Original side of set and simply slide toward a new couple for the Ladies to Pass R. . . . Enjoy!
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