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Hi Folks,

A longtime lurker leaps in:

Below:  Two fairly easy Becket formation dances which present a full hay for four following a full ladies’ chain … a useful sequence from a pedagogical standpoint, in my opinion.

First, Peter Stix’s “Purple Hays” (Becket formation)

A1:  Ladies chain (over and back)

A2:  Hay for four (over and back)

B1:  Ladies 1/2 [your politically/socially acceptable term for “gypsy”];
        swing partner

B2:  1/2 right and left; circle left 1/2 to original Becket home; with partner, slide left.

Here are Peter’s A parts followed by different B parts (Lindsey Dono told me that a dancer suggested this dance be called “Busy Bees”)

A1:  Ladies chain (over and back)

A2:  Hay for four (over and back)

B1:  with Partner, balance and swing

B2:  long lines forward & back; circle left (all the way around); with partner, shift left to new neighbors.

Note:  On paper, there isn’t sufficient time for all of B2.  However, in actual practice, the transition from the circle and shift to the ladies’ chain is forgiving enough for things to flow well.

I believe my B parts to be a little easier for bringing newcomers along.  To my knowledge, no contra prior to “Purple Hays” used this sequence of A parts.


> On Dec 8, 2015, at 12:50 PM, susanelberger via Callers <callers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
> Washington Hay by Ralph Sweet is my go-to dance for teaching a hay to relatively new dancers.
> Susan Elberger
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> Subject: [Callers] Contras with a Hey
> Hello Folks,
> I am relatively new at calling contras and I am looking for some asy to intermediate contras to introduce the hey to a group that includes many beginners. and/or club square dancers.
> "Butter" by Gene Hubert is my go to dance, but I am looking for a few more.  I like Butter because the flow from ladies chain into a RH hey is great, and because all the other calls are introduced earlier in most evening.  
> I love simple, but different choreography, so I am open to most suggestions.
> Rich Sbardella

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