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In square dance there is a figure called grand sashay.  It is essentially a
grand R&L, or weave the ring, with dosidos and seesaw.  You might look that
figure up as the weave is a dodge, and the dosido//seesaw would allow for

I have included the definition below.  Grand Sashay is fun to dance, and
the hands can be eliminated if desired.  If it is done inside a square or
mescolanza it should bring the four dancers back to where they started it,
and it would be 32 steps/beats.

That is a long time to keep the men inactive.  However if all eight dancers
danced it in a mescolanza, they would end up on opposite ends and in
opposite lines.  This could be a useful call that results in progression
just as in a R&L Grande.  Dancers could balance & swing and then face
original direction when they meet.


>From a Right And Left Grand Formation (e.g., after Allemande Left).

Dosado, right pull by;
Seesaw, left pull by;
Dosado, right pull by;
Seesaw, left pull by.

Ends in a Right And Left Grand Formation.

*Comments and Examples:*

Same as *Right And Left Grand* except that a
*Dosado* or *Seesaw* (left-shoulder Dosado)
is inserted before each pull by.

The Burleson's definition says to bow before each pull by.

Rickey Holden 1949

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> Thanks all for the feedback. I appreciate having this list to kick ideas
> around.
> While it would be possible for the do-si-dos to happen in two groups of 2;
> in my opinion that would make this a particularly non-interacting 4x4; as
> the only whole group of 8 interaction at that point is the circle half way;
> and thus not worth getting into 4x4 formation for just that.
> As for my comment about the ladies after the chain.
> After the give&take - swing, the lines are:
> w3 m1 w4 m2
> m3 w1 m4 w2
> When the women chain to the partner, if they went straight up and down,
> they're ending up back at:
> w1 m1 w2 m2
> m3 w3 m4 w4
> after being courtesy turned through 180 degrees.
> Except the next move is happening in the center, so as w2 and w3 are being
> courtesy turned, they'll be facing into the center after maybe 140 degrees
> of rotation; whereas w1 and w4  have to turn about 220 degrees to face into
> center.
> As for language, I think I may have muddied the issue; so thank you for
> demonstrating all the ways that my instructions could be interpreted.
> Always a learning experience. A handless star/promenade inside/4 person
> gypsy is not quite what I had in mind, although they're all basically the
> same path on the floor and certainly what I described. I'd envisioned folks
> getting to do-si-do with as little or as much twirling as the wanted; but
> as folks pointed out, the DSD twirl is the opposite direction of the big
> picture rotation.
> If I can get dancers to test it, I might describe it as "all four women,
> do-si-do your opposite woman while dodging the other two"
> Given that's how I'm thinking of it; the fact that my description involves
> "dodging" might be a sign it's not such a great idea. The promenade inside
> or star options might be more timing resilient; although I like the idea of
> letting folks safely twirl when they want.
> I'll keep turning it over in my head, and try to get guinea pigs to dance
> it (there's something that would go viral on youtube...)
> Thanks for being a community to talk about dancing with :-)
> Luke
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