Positional Calling

This list is for anyone interested in exploring positional calling within traditional dance (contra, squares, ECD, community, family dance, Irish ceili, Scottish ceilidh, etc). Our goal is to support each other by discussing topics of interest to callers specifically in relation to positional calling. We encourage callers to also join some of the other Shared Weight lists as those communities are valuable resources for other aspects of calling. We discuss a wide variety of topics – the following are just a few examples: What to consider when you first begin to use positional calling. What terminology is useful in both the teaching and prompting of dances. What types of dances are particularly suited for this style of calling. How to teach a newcomers lesson using positional calling. How to help your dance communities ease into accepting positional calling. Examples of positional dances I have called that worked well/better than I expected (suggestion to include the script/patter used for the walk through, not just the dance calls. HELP! I would love to call the following dance but am running into difficulty teaching it. Suggestions are welcomed! Dance communities responses to Positional Calling and the collecting of quotes to promote it.

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