[Callers] 2 New Dances (with a new move?)

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Tom, I should have been more explicit.

Revolving Doors had been covered in this list before... here is some text
by Frannie Marr from a few years ago:

Ron Buchanan's "Revolving Door" figure is described well by Rick Mohr.  In
"Revolving Door", couples start a "wrong side" half promenade where women
pass right instead of men passing left. As the women meet they catch right
hands and allemande right once around. The men drop out after crossing the
set, and partners swing as the women come around. It flows easily and feels
good. I often do a floor demo, both because it's unfamiliar and because
it's pretty cool to watch. Since the promenade only lasts for a beat or two
I think the easiest hold is for neighbors to join left hands, with the
man's right arm briefly behind the woman's back.
Dances that include that figure are

Puttin' Cheese on the Ritz by Ron Buchanan
Glenside Promenade by Ron Buchanan
Gaye's Groove by Rick Mohr
Cup of Joe by Rick Mohr
Better Late than Never by Steve Z-A
Not a Trip to Vegas by Chris Page

My "mod" is that rather than lead into a swing, it blends into that spread

As for Mad Robin after a Swing, I have several dances with that combination:

Cricket's Flight by Don Veino
Fiddlers' Fling by Cary Ravitz
Mad Robin Landing by Will Mentor
Pigtown Pousette by Cary Ravitz & others
Robin on a Wire by Will Mentor


On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 4:18 PM, Tom Hinds <twhinds at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I like the ending to the revolving door.  I'm assuming it's a star and
> that the gents join the star behind their partner.
> I can't remember doing a Mad Robin immediately after a swing so I'm
> curious how that feels.  This looks like it's a good one for experienced
> dancers.
> Tom

/Andy Shore

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