[Callers] 2 New Dances (with a new move?)

Andy Shore square.a.shore at gmail.com
Mon May 21 14:57:48 PDT 2018

I thought up a cool little ending to a Revolving Door and have incorporated
it into a couple of new dances.  I call the action "Revolving Door to a
Wave" and it's as follows:

from couples facing across -  Ladies start an Allemande Right 1x while
depositing the gent they were with on the other side, as the ladies come
back across and are finishing, they slide nose-to-nose past the other gent
(who has turned a 3/4 turn to their right) to put the gents in the middle
of a wave across. Gents have left hands in the middle and right hands with
the lady they did not start with. If you are familiar with MWSD, it feels a
bit like the call Spread.    Here are the dances that use it.  Only the
second has been road-tested.

Please share your reactions.

Title of Contra    by Andy Shore

A1 -----------
(8) Revolving Doors (Ladies RH)  **to a wave (gents in middle, N in RH)
(4,4) Balance the Wave, Walk Forward to the Next
A2 -----------
(16) Next Neighbor Balance & swing
B1 -----------
(8) Mad Robin - gents in front to the right
(8) Gents allemande Left 1.5
B2 -----------
(16) Partner balance and swing

when out, wait with partner on the 'wrong side'

by Andy Shore

A1 -----------
(16) Neighbor balance and swing
A2 -----------
(8) Revolving Door (Ladies RH) **as if to a wave**
(8) Men allemande Left 1.5 while Ladies Orbit CW across
B1 -----------
(16) Partner balance and swing
B2 -----------
(8) Ladies Chain
(8) Star Left

In this dance, they do not actually form the wave, but gents take LH in the
middle for the Allemande
** as you finish the revolving door, Slide Past Parnter nose-to-nose to put
Gents in the middle to star the next move, gents are facing in original
direction of progression, ladies are anti  --

/Andy Shore

best email - andyshore at gmail.com
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