[Callers] A Dance without Partner Swing

Joy Greenwolfe joy2the at mindspring.com
Sun May 13 13:26:39 PDT 2018

The Tease does have a partner swing, but the experience of having a swing being apparently taken away (flirt with partner, swing neighbor) has many dancers thinking they missed their partner swing! 

As to your question, very rarely. Dancers see the partner swing as a highlight of the partnered experience, so a dance has to be pretty special to overcome the grumpy feelings that likely ensue. There is one such dance in my box, but it’s been so long, I can’t remember what it is. I remember telling them to really enjoy their partner interaction, because that was all that they were going to get. 

Joy Greenwolfe

> On May 13, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Rich Sbardella via Callers <callers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
> I cannot recall dancing a modern contra in the last few years that does not include a Partner Swing, so I have a few questions.
> First, do you call any such modern dances without a partner swing?  Why or why not?
> Second, if you do, do you announce it before the preceding dance so as to inform those pairs of dancer that love to swing together?
> The Tease by Tom Hinds is one such creative dance that begs to be called.
> Rich Sbardella,
> Stafford, CT
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