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So in terms of including the monitor in your setup it looks like from the
manual you'll have to connect your mic to the desk as usual.  You'll then
need a cable back from a monitor or aux feed on the desk.  Ideally this
will want to be seperate from the band mix.  If you have a signal splitter
or a second output on a radio mic receiver you can send a signal directly
to the monitor (this is what I do with my setup) - this makes my monitor
entirely isolated from anything except my signal.

Physically the monitor you have can be mounted on a second mic stand fairly
easily , I'd do that and have it pointed at me and not on the floor so as
to make it as localised as possible.


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> Hi friends,
> After years of calling at most venues without a caller's monitor, and
> finding life much easier at the occasional venues that did provide a
> caller's monitor, I finally sprung for my own monitor. Recalling a
> recommendation some time ago either on this list or one of the others, I
> bought a Roland Cube Monitor (CM-30). But having read through the manual
> and looked over the unit itself, I realized I don't know what to do with it
> to put it to use in this context. I consulted with the sound person for my
> next upcoming gig, but that sound person (whom I do appreciate for many
> reasons)  has limited sound skills and also wasn't sure.
> Those of you who know more than me on this subject: Is there
> straightforward guidance that would help me use this unit as a caller's
> monitor? Or, did I buy the wrong unit for this function despite having good
> intentions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeremy Korr
> Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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