[Callers] 2 new contra dance compositions

Andy Shore square.a.shore at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 13:49:44 PDT 2018

 Both of these have been road tested on tour with Polaris.

*Serving REELness*

Andy Shore

Type: Contra

Formation: Duple-Improper

Level: Intermediate

A1 -----------

(16) Neighbor balance and swing

A2 -----------

(8) Revolving Door - Ladies in center by the right but**

(8) 1/2 Hey, pass partner by left

B1 -----------

(16) Partner balance and swing

B2 -----------

(8) Circle Left 3/4 and pass through along the set

(8) [Next] Neighbor Do-si-do

Notes: **release revolving door a little early so that Gents are in the
opposite Lady’s spot & have time to turn toward their right (tight loop) to
come in for the left shoulder pass

I'd introduce Revolving Doors with a simpler dance that goes into a Swing.
E.g., the RD variation of Bronwyn Wood's "The Missing Piece"

The world premiere with walk thru & dance was captured on video by Doug
Plummer here: https://youtu.be/uAZCZzm1tI8
Not mentioned in that debut was the early release of the Gents from
Revolving Door and their tight loop to the right

The title comes from the FX TV show "Pose".

*Alpha Ursae Minoris*

Andy Shore

Type: Contra

Formation: Becket-CCW  [no circle]

Level: Advanced (Weekend/Challenging level)

* ID shadow beyond partner in becket

A1 -----------

(8) Promenade across the Set (J hook to progress)

(8) Mad Robin - ladies in front

A2 -----------

(8) Neighbor RH Across - Balance & Box the Gnat (don't let go)

(8) with N & Shadow, Square Thru 4 (no balances) - make the 4th hand an
Allemande Left 1/2 w/ Shadow

[to long waves with Gents facing OUT, partner in RH, shadow in LH]

B1 -----------

(4,4) Balance the Wave, Box Circulate

(8)  Neighbor swing

B2 -----------

(4,2) [1/4 ricochet hey] Gents go in and push back on diagonal, Ladies
Cross passing Left

(10) Swing Partner

Notes: ** when out with partner, cross over & be ready for Balance & Box
the Gnat to be there for Square thru with Shadow & P

Take time to ID N & Shadow for square thru = the ONLY 2 people you touch!
This is outside your minor set!

This is a high piece count dance with little chance for recovery. *Not for
the faint of heart! *Probably should introduce figures in other dances
first - Mad Robin, Square Thru, ricochet hey, Box Circulate

Named after Polaris (the band) who helped me finalize this dance. Alpha
Ursae Minoris is another name for Polaris, the pole star.


/Andy Shore
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