Thanks for all the work you have been doing over the years, Ridge.

I do have a checklist for party gigs, but have to search for the name of the file.  Or, I can scan it and send it to you

Yes, I know the feeling of long term projects -- I still want to get a book of great party dances out to our colleagues.  But I can't seem to finish the companion book and video to "Dance the World Around" CD.  Too many gigs to do and prep for, and too many emails to read every day, etc

Paul Rosenberg

On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 10:34 AM Ridge Kennedy [trad-dance-callers] <> wrote:

Dear All,

I'll send something longer and more informative in a while, but this is a heads up.

We are planning to make a change with the trad-dance-caller list.  It will move away from yahoogroups and over to the "SharedWeight" platform.  The general operation of the list will be pretty much the same.  All that will be missing will be ads and fussing with a Yahoo ID.

the list content will continue in the direction it has followed in recent years.  We'll be dealing dances in formations other than contra -- squares in particular, as we have a fair number of folks with strong square dance backgrounds on the list.  And we'll be a resource for dance parties -- one night stands, wedding dances, community dances -- and all that sort of thing.

When the transition comes -- after it -- I intend to make a little effort at stimulating communication on those topics.  I have a few old things that I want to complete -- eg. a checklist for dance party communication.  And I'm interested in building and sharing repertoire in the everything but contra world -- especially the things that work for dance parties.

I am also interested in locating a few brave individuals who might be interest in becoming moderators and regular contributors to this list.  If you think you'd like to be involved in helping in the revitalization effort, contact me off list at .

Thanks, as ever, for your time and consideration.



Ridge Kennedy [Exit 145]

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