On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 7:02 AM, Tom Hinds twhinds@earthlink.net [trad-dance-callers] <trad-dance-callers@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
Here in Charlottesville there's this concern with the governing board
that the last (and perhaps) middle waltz is a major cause of
apprehension for the beginning dancers.  The concern is that they
might feel left out during the waltz.

In order to deal with this the board has decided this:

Callers should ask the band to play a last waltz BUT should not
announce it as such.  To announce the last waltz as a last waltz is
to make the beginners feel left out.  If you don't announce it then
everything is fine.

Has anything like this come up in your dance community?  I am trying
to have an open mind.

You wouldn't be wrong to think they've lost their minds.

Suppose that at my contra dance, I start a practice of doing the Bohemian National Polka right after the break. You are new here and wonder quizzically what kind of dance is happening, because it sure isn't contra. Perhaps you have a conversation with the dance manager who greeted you at the door earlier this evening:

You: "What--what's happening?"
They: "Oh, it's the Bohemian National Polka."
You, not understanding any of the words they just said: "I didn't understand any of the words you just said, but why didn't anyone tell us?"
They, grinning: "We told the caller not to announce it so you would feel more welcome here!"
You: "..."

Yoyo Zhou