Hey Chris:  I have to take umbrage with you re: “..playing an instrument on stage whilst calling is NOT professional” (I love that “whilst).  I am a pro.  Been doping this stuff for 67 years.  65 of them playing while calling.  Started with piano accordion, then with fiddle, and now with melodeon.  I make a living at it.  I have to admit that the dances I call are more family community oriented than computer originated contras of the day.  But the same attention is given to the floor no matter.  And I am not the only one.  Jacqueline plays fiddle while calling.  So does Fred Bruenig in Vermont.  Andy Davis does accordion.  What about the Kaynors? And over in Maine?  There are at least 8 fiddlers who call while they play.  Not professional?  Give me a break.  Never mind that it is the backbone of tradition...when calling became acceptable, the job fell in the lap of the fiddler.  I have a book that devotes an entire chapter on how to play and call(prompt) at the same time.
Haven’t seen much action on Trad Callers of late.  Maybe the above will stir up some “activity of age. activity of youth.”  
Happy New Year.   Dudley
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