Can you find out where Calvin is? If he's in Colorado and there are no other takers, I could probably get a friend there to get them from him so there is no need to ship.


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I have two full sets of Sets-in-Order/Square Dance Magazine.  One set is
new magazines.  It is one of the sets that Bob Osgood saved for caller’s
associations.  The second set of magazines are all in red binders by year.
It has been well used, but the binders protect the individual magazines.

There were 444 magazines published between 1949 and 1985.  I weighed the
packages that contain the new magazine and they totaled up to about 135
pounds.  They are in eight bundles. It would cost about $80-100 to ship
them media mail in the U.S.

If you don’t want the set personally, consider finding a college or
university in your area that will take them.  I did this with Colorado
State University.  At the time I made my donation, there were only five
other libraries in the U.S. with complete sets.

Would would really hate to see these magazines end up in a dump, but that
is likely destination of I can’t find a home for them.