First double progression dance: Judge's Jig

First Becket formation dance: Becket Reel

First dance with a "cozy line of four": Symmetrical Force (but dancers had already invented the figure as a way of doing Down Four In Line, Turn Alone and Return.)


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I am new to this group and hope this has not been talked to dead.
I am interested in compiling a list of dance figures that have been introduced into contra, the defining dance that brought the figure into use (or the dance that is most often assigned this introduction) and the time when it was introduced, especially if this occurred in the last 30-40 years (i.e. but not "chestnuts" per say).

The only instance that comes to the top of my head is a chestnut: 
"Petronella" the dance, appears in volume 1 of The Scottish Country Dance Book, published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance SocietyDavid Smukler has documented quite a few dance spin-offs on his website resulting from this "chestnut" dance.