​​Hi ~ 

I am the organizer for Seacoast Contra in Newfields New Hampshire.  We are a small-town group with a big heart :) 

I've boosted our dance with Facebook approximately 3 times.  The budget I set was very low, as we're on a very tight budget ($15)  We've polled new people how they found us...and we received no response from a Facebook ad.  Most found us multiple ways, including signs we place near our dance a week before and a sandwich board outside the dance, referral from friends, posting on our FB page, email list and Meetup posts to multiple groups.  Multi-faceted means of advertising our group has made it a viable dance.  We just celebrated our one year Contraversary.  Our group has grown steadily.  

I do think there is value in boosting our group....it gets us noticed, and planting that seed is essential.  I think that a bigger budget for a larger group would be a great way to get noticed and bring in new dancers  It just can't be the only way.  


Patti Maxwell
Seacoast Contra at Newfields, NH

Our website:  www.seacoastcontra.com

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/SeacoastContra/