I know several venues have adopted the Glen Echo approach to floor finishing (including Greenfield, IIRC). FYI the Concord Scout House has recently switched to a different floor finish (for a long existing floor) which has proved to be very easily applied, quick drying, tough/long lasting, and a pleasure to dance on (through sticky summer weather and dry). Seems very impervious to spills, etc. from other events held in the hall.

I don't have the details at hand on the current finish but can ask for the trade name if you wish. Our prior finish was a moisture cure urethane which was either very good/hard or very bad/powdery depending upon the weather conditions when applied and fussy about the undercoat prep. Refinishing interval has improved dramatically with the new coating.


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Hi all,

finish suggestions, care/maintenance etc

Chrissy Fowler
Belfast ME

PS  I know we might get helpful info from MontpelierVT's Capital City Grangers (& friends of) and GreenfieldMA's Guiding Star Grangers (& friends of).  Any other groups who've relatively recently replaced a floor?


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