I think this sounds like a great idea, Emily!  The only thing I'd think about is the community talent night being focused on beginners.  I find that experienced contra callers and bands are often better for beginners because callers who've been doing this for a while are usually good at seeing when the call needs to be supporting new dancers, etc.  Similarly, experienced bands I often find it easier to find the count of the music- sometimes when I'm hearing musicians who are not used to playing for contra, it can be difficult to find the 1 in their phrasing...  

In Toronto, for a year we did a monthly "free" dance for new callers to practice.  The dancers were virtually all experienced, so they could give feedback to the new callers as they practiced... I do wonder if we should have had a few more fairly new dancers at those dances, since experienced dancers can deal with wobbles in the call...  :)

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Emily - I suggest you discover all the home schoolers in your area and issue an invitation to them.  There are usually associations listed on the net if you do not know anyone who is active in a group.

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