I received a request for assistance with organizing a contradance in Long Island, for Grace Christian Academy, in the next month or so.

I explained
(1) That I live in Rochester NY, 7 hours drive (at least), and there is local talent that would be better suited;
(2) That all contradances in the country have been closed because one could not *design* a more effective way to transmit Covid virus among a crowd of people.

I voiced appreciation for their wanting to include Contradance in the school program, and was hoping that someone on this serve-list, who is more proximate to the school, could follow up with the woman.

We've had some successful contact with local colleges here, and would recommend it for other organizations.

Please PM me if you are interested in the contact information, for the purpose of FUTURE outreach.
(specifically, I won't pass along the information if your only purpose in contacting her is to chastise her.
My explanation of the situation should be sufficient to let her know the pandemic-related concerns.)

Bob Fabinski