Jim, if you got to the point of considering alternatives, there have been a lot of developments in the last five years. One of them is my employer Square. Nowadays the younger crowd is going to want to pay with their phone or with a credit card, and the software you do that with is also good for other things such as online sales.

For specifically event ticketing, everyone seems to like Eventbrite. I'm sure you've looked at them.

Lex Spoon

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We've been using the Dancerfly dance registration system for our weekends since 2016.  I was setting up a new event, and in testing found I couldn't complete test payment.  I don't have a response to a couple of questions sent to their help service.  I was wondering if they have given up the ghost during the pandemic.  Does anyone have any knowledge of them?
Note that it was started by a collective that disbanded in 2019, but the disband notice did say that Dancerfly would continue.
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