Hi Chrissy, 

We have a small dance part of the BACDS.  3rd Sundays 3-6pm. bacds.org/sbc 
Organizers sit the door & take money when no volunteers are available. 
We solicit volunteers when they sign in for the dance.  Sign in sheet has  pre-dance, & Dances #1-8.  We don’t ask for money after the break. 
Usually one person, maybe a friend. 
If there is no volunteer, then we ask the caller to ask someone who is going to sit out to sign up. 
Each person sits out one dance. Sometimes someone is injured and sits all the dances. 
No compensation.  

Would love to see a compilation of answers or insight gleaned from this query. 

Claire Takemori
South Bay Contra, San Jose CA 

On Dec 28, 2017, at 12:20 PM, organizers-request@lists.sharedweight.net wrote:

We're curious about how other dance organizers handle the task of sitting at the door and taking money.

Who does it?

- organizers?

- volunteers?

- a mix?

- nobody?

- how many people at a time?

How is it done?
- scheduling people to do the task (how?)

- vetting/soliciting the vols (any parameters?)

- how long does each person sit at door on a given dance eve?

- any compensation/barter?

Other relevant info?