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Dance organizers, if you would kindly let your dancers know the following, it will help the musicians who need everyone’s support during the dearth of dancing. I appreciate your support in forwarding this. 

\Bob Peterson
Country Dance Music Radio -
395 Concord Road
Billerica, MA 01821
(978) 496-6731



Country Dance Music Radio (CDMR) is a new Internet streaming radio station dedicated to playing traditional dance music for the enjoyment of dancers. Programming includes contra, English country, and more. We’ve just added these musicians and bands:
- Alex Sturbaum
- Anadama
- Chip Prince and Ilya Levin
- Daron Douglas
- Chimney Swift
- Golden Bantam String Band
- Newport String Project
- The Poor Cousins

You can listen here:
Please spread the news to your dancing friends and musicians! More music and musicians are being added all the time. 

Most importantly, PLEASE DONATE BACK TO THE MUSICIANS who’ve so generously lent their music to the station and played for us at our dances. Many of these are selling even more of their music than appears on the station, so don’t miss out of the music even if you can’t dance.

The station runs all day and night. This is a great complement to the live-streamed concerts popping up now and then. Radio is available wherever and whenever. You can listen through your smartphone or your computer. And watch the site for special programming that will be developed. 

All my best wishes to you,
\Bob Peterson 
Country Dance Music Radio -

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